nightmares and dreamscapes, 3

Part 1.

Part 2.

Umney’s Last Case


This one stars William H. Macy, who got nominated for an Emmy for his role in this show. Good, because he’s good.

As for the episode itself:

I enjoyed the 40’s hommage and the conversation between the creator and the created to a point, then things just got so muddled toward the end that I found this adaptation frustrating.

You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band


An even bigger mess. Yuck.

I remember going Pfft when I finished reading the story Autopsy Room Four is based on, so I didn’t even bother to view the episode.

* * *

Personal favorite: The End of the Whole Mess. Good story, affecting drama. And I’ve always liked Ron Livingston, even when he played that jerk in House.

Battleground, for William Hurt. Fifth Quarter, maybe, but the story isn’t much. Umney’s Last Case, but they should have fixed those final scenes.

Do I want more? Depends on what stories the producers are going to adapt next.

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beautiful strangers

One of my high school friends was going to graduate – finally, we always say as a joke – and it was their town fiesta yesterday, so we went. I wore a white, frilly peasant blouse that was perfect for the heat that early afternoon but turned out to be a bit of a mistake when rain poured at around six p.m. What the hell’s wrong with the weather? What’s with these heavy downpours in the middle of April? Anyway, my friends kept asking who just got christened so maybe it was a mistake to wear that blouse from the very beginning. At seven, walking home, slightly shivering, I saw a girl, probably 10 or so, in a green sleeveless shirt and gray shorts walking toward me, staring at me and smiling. Uh-oh. “Hi, ate,” she said. Shit, I thought. Do I know you? Are you a godchild? Do I have to give you money? Do you need me to walk you home? Crap. She was carrying bags of chips in a plastic bag, she must have come from the grocery store and was on her way home. Like me.

“Ang ganda mo,” she said, and off she went.

I couldn’t remember if I smiled back.