my two centavos

the great book blockade of 2009

At times I believe I’ve heard the most idiotic, the most moronic, the most asinine plan from the government, and then something like this comes along. Tax on books. Hallelujah. My faith in the stupidity of some public officials has been restored. Congratulate yourselves, you illiterate fuckers. Some individuals have been breaking their backs trying to get people to read in this country and you fling this god-awful “law” at their faces. Why not just throw them a bag of shit – that will save you a lot of paperwork.

You’re in my bad books, and I hope the international nerd community throws the book at you, and I hope I can think of another idiomatic expression with the word “book” in it, but by god, the blockade’s already making me stupid.

alec baldwin’s quip

People of the Philippines, lighten the fuck up. I’m a fan of 30 Rock, and I’m a fan of Alec Baldwin, and when I heard his comment I went Heeey but managed to shake it off and go on with my day. I think I even laughed. Why don’t you do the same? Hm? You know what’s going to happen next?

US TV Host to Guest: So I heard you’re Filipino. I’ve got a joke for ya but your government might make me issue an apology so I’ll just skip it HA! (audience applause, canned laughter)

And as if we never make jokes about foreigners. Please.

katrina halili/hayden kho

Dear Certain Senator: So you watched the whole thing? Where in the world did you get your copy? What happened to Katrina was unfortunate, but seriously, a privilege speech for this? What if – and this is a big what if, Certain Senator – nobody knew about the video, and it would’ve gone away on its own UNTIL YOU OPENED YOUR PIE-HOLE AND ALLOWED IT TO EXPLODE INTO PUBLIC CONSCIOUSNESS? Maybe Ms Halili’s planning to sue Hayden Kho quietly, but good luck with that plan now right. So what are you going to do next, scan every website you can find on the net and look for similar videos? That’s a hell of a lot of privilege speeches your secretary’s going to have to write right there. I don’t remember you being this angry during the Nicole trial. And why can’t anyone of you upper-chamber members deliver a privilege speech ABOUT OUR GODDAMN BOOKS?

I’m a taxpayer, you just wasted my xxxxxxx pesos.

kris or adam

Adam. Are you kidding me? What kind of a question is that?

I don’t care what they say!

/end rant

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