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My sister’s been pestering me since last week to watch the new Harry Potter film with her (and by “watch the new Harry Potter film with her”, she means, “pay for my goddamn ticket”; also, “buy me dinner”). Hundreds of YM messages and emoticons later, we’ve finally settled on a schedule. She only needs to fly from her place of work to get to the cinema on time on the said date. She agreed. Of course she agreed, flying is a small feat in the city.

If she fails to show up, I’ll hand the ticket to the first desperate-looking tween I’ll see. (This is an open invitation.)

If you’re planning to reserve seats, try using Sureseats. Don’t worry, the people there didn’t pay me to mention them. Like, if they sucked I’ll tell you right away.

* * *

The past few days I realized that this story that I’ve been working on was fast turning into a novel/novella. Then last night it came to a grinding halt. Wonderful. Stumped. Not too worried. What was getting me worried though was that, every now and then, while writing it, I had started thinking,”Who will publish this?” Stories can be sold (I’ve done this a number of times to gain a small amount of confidence), but novellas? Or a novel? I was depressed by the non-answer.

* * *

Or perhaps the question really was, “Who will read this?”

* * *

During the summer I applied as a writing teacher at this school. This morning I finally summoned the courage to ask their HR about my application. They said classes have already started last week, and that the writing classes were scheduled on Thursdays. Sure, I told them I could only teach Fridays, but if they had told me earlier I could have exerted the effort to have my schedule changed. What, didn’t they think I was serious enough when I applied? And even if my application were rejected, was it so hard to text me and say Hello, turns out we don’t need you anymore, we’ve found a teacher who’s free on Thursdays? Was that so hard?

I am seriously pissed.

* * *

I don’t know, I just thought it would be more fun to teach than to apply for an MA. I was thinking I would learn more.

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