nine years

...wonder if the Philippine president has one?, wonder if the Philippine president has one

Photo from Pundit Kitchen

Let’s put things into perspective:

An office mate says, She was president when I was in college. I already have three kids, and she’s still the president.

Another office mate: My brother was still too young to go to school when she became president. My brother’s now in high school.

She was president when I was in high school. College over and done with, and I’ve been working for almost two years now. She’s still there.

If a baby was born the day Edsa II ended, that baby would be nine by the time Arroyo leaves the Palace. Nine, and probably relieved.

That’s if she leaves. Oh, in this country you’ll never know.

The word ostensibly in the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Note to this “review”  is like a kick in the gut.

Editor’s Note: On the occasion of the ostensibly final State of the Nation Address of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on July 27, the Philippine Daily Inquirer presents this review of her governance which runs into its ninth year by the time she steps down from office next year, the longest-serving Filipino leader next to Ferdinand Marcos.

The judgment of history is still out. So, call the Inquirer series—which covers the economy, peace and order, human rights, justice system, education, health and environment—the first draft of that history.

History. Yeah.

* ‘Mixed’ record: A few hits here, a few misses there – Cayetano Paderanga Jr.
* Budget unbalanced, injustice in tax policy – Cielito Habito
* Employment record: Good, bad and ugly – Tomas Africa
* Education: Plugging leaks, shortages – Juan Miguel Luz
* Health: Good news with lots of buts… – Jaime Galvez Tan
* Palace stinks with scandals – Inquirer Research
* At Supreme Court, she won some, lost big – Isagani Cruz’

Er, happy reading.

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