I was supposed to go with Kate and Din to the La Salle Greenhills for the public viewing on Sunday night, but I just got home from work then and was feeling a bit under the weather; I just knew I couldn’t stand in line for hours.

Kate and Din were again able to go to Ayala on Monday. I was stuck in the office, and envious.

Good thing a handful of editors and some people from HR and Admin decided to go to the Manila Cathedral yesterday, Tuesday. This meant (1) a ride; and (2) media passes.

(If you were among those who lined up in the rain for hours at the Cathedral yesterday, I hope you don’t hate us; Wednesday – today – is a holiday, but we have to go to work. If I had an extra pass I would have given it to you. Yes, you.)

It was my first time to enter the Manila Cathedral. It reminded me of our church back home in Bulacan. The last time I entered a church was in January, in Bohol, during a trip with friends. It’s been years and years and years since last I heard Mass. Sitting inside the Cathedral, I realized that I missed it. No, not the dogma, not the self-righteousness, not the hatred of “abnormal” sexual behavior. Just this, this sudden hush.

A hush within, perhaps, because in the church people were talking, taking pictures, waiting for their turn to line up.

Mrs. Aquino looked very, very different. I took a long look, as much as the line permitted. I just couldn’t believe it was her.

Down by the pews, Kris Aquino and her nephews expressed their gratitude.

* * *

Today we bury her. She really did look different, I just couldn’t say that enough.

Best we remember her ideals, and the way she looked when she was still alive. Smiling. Fighting. Radiant.

I wish her and her loved ones peace.

yellow balloonPhoto taken by Din at Ayala, August 3 2009

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