The NDCC just reported that Ondoy-related fatalities have reached 296 277. While everyone’s busy donating money/clothes/food, volunteering to pack goods for the victims, or wading in flood to help and rebuild, the House of Representatives

junks the impeach rap versus the Ombudsman

approves P2B budget for – no not for relief funds – Con-con

This chamber’s inhumanity is unbelievable. So many areas just got swept by the storm, and they approve money for CHANGING THE CONSTITUTION? There are bodies still reeking in places that even the Navy couldn’t reach.

I cannot wait for 2010 and the change in leadership. I don’t know, maybe there’ll just be more of the same, but I just want her and her allies out.

And don’t she dare say she has nothing to do with this, it’s the House of Representatives, etc. OH PLEASE. I simply can’t believe that the members of the House are doing this without a little cash, a little somethin’-somethin’.

Maswerte kayo’t hindi kayo inanod ng baha. Sana man lang sinuspinde niyo muna ang mga pagpapasa’t pagbasura ng kung anu-ano para tumulong. Ni hindi niyo man lang sinubukang magkunwari.

* * *

I was listening to this song this morning.

Look down, look down
Don’t look ‘em in the eye
Look down, look down,
You’re here until you die

The sun is strong
It’s hot as hell below

Look down, look down,
There’s twenty years to go

I’ve done no wrong!
Sweet Jesus, hear my prayer!

Look down look down,
Sweet Jesus doesn’t care

I know she’ll wait,
I know that she’ll be true!

Look down, look down,
They’ve all forgotten you

When I get free you won’t see me
Here for dust!

Look down, look down
Don’t look ‘em in the eye

How long, oh Lord
Before you let me die?

Look down, look down,
You’ll always be a slave
Look down, look down,
You’re standing in your grave

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