here be plugs

I’ve taken a break from writing (sort of), and now I’m drowning in a sea of SF book compilations (almost done with Year’s Best 14, halfway through the Solaris Book of New SF), True Blood episodes, Transmetropolitan angst, local poetry, and the most inane computer games you can think of (there’s this one where you play a waitress and this one where you’re a hairstylist and one where you guard your house from zombies with plants and one where you take care of guppies and protect them from aliens – )

In post-Ondoy news, the house in Bulacan is still flooded (it’s been what, a week?) . I haven’t seen my parents and siblings in more than a month. :(

How about you? How’s the situation in your area?

Read one of the Inquirer editors’ harrowing flood experience here. (She lives in Malabon.)

* * *

And now: PLUGS!

The Bibliophile Stalker reviews The Farthest Shore fantasy anthology

Given my low expectations, a couple of the stories were pleasant surprises. I expected the anthology to be filled with sword-and-sorcery narratives along the lines of your D&D campaign and while there are those types of fiction here, I’m impressed at how some of the writers make the most of what they consider secondary-world fiction. “The Just World of Helena Jimenez” by Eliza Victoria, for example, juxtaposes the real world with the fantastical, alternating between one to give context to the other, although admittedly it’s the form that impresses me more than the story.

Rocket Kapre interviews moi

* * *

The storm is over. Life goes on. I’m thinking of taking some French language lessons.

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