horrific developments

– Early this month, the Comelec denied Ang Ladlad’s petition to run as a party-list group in the May 2010 elections. Ang Ladlad aims to defend and protect the rights of Filipino homosexuals. The Comelec thinks its members are immoral:

The Comelec Second Division—composed of Ferrer and his fellow commissioners Lucenito Tagle and Elias Yusoph—last week rejected Ang Ladlad’s petition to be allowed to run as a party-list group in the May elections.

The division said the group’s espousal of same sex relations violated the Civil Code and Revised Penal Code’s provisions against immoral doctrines and those on decency and good customs.

Wow. The Comelec’s logic just made my brain walk out and hang itself.

And of course people are furious. One brought up a wonderful point: “Gay citizens pay their taxes too.”

Okay, Comelec and the other members of this vile, prejudiced society: Since you don’t want gay people to marry, adopt kids, or to exist, even, what if – and this just an idea – what if we stop collecting taxes from them?

Hm? What do you think? :) Imagine. Boy Abunda, for example, has a wonderful career, lives with his partner and is unbelievably happy, and above all probably pays the government hundreds of thousands of pesos worth of taxes – but he’s gay. Ugh. Ohnoes. And you don’t like gay people right? I mean, you see them as second-class citizens right? I say give him back his money. :)

Just an idea.

– Maguindanao Massacre. As of press time, 46 bodies. I attended a public high school, and I remember there were 46 of us in one class. Imagine entering that room, and firing at every single person there. Every single one. And for what? In this case they say, political power. One of the victims reportedly was a father of seven. Another victim was a 67-year-old woman. There were at least 12 journalists. There were women. There was mention of rape. And I have no more words.

Photo from Inquirer.net

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