“in their hour of absolute terror”

It is not just that I am a journalist and my daughter is a journalist and it takes very little imagination to put yourself in the shoes of the victims, particularly in their hour of absolute terror, when they realized that nothing, not their names, not their organizations, not their God, whoever or whatever (s)he is, could stay the hand of their executioners.

– Conrado de Quiros, “Human and right

If the mass killings are absorbed in the alleged crime of rebellion (as they are in the report); and if there is in fact no rebellion, but only armed, disgruntled supporters, what happens when the rebellion charges are thrown out by the courts? We shudder to think that martial law will allow the perpetrators to walk free.

– “Proof of murder“, Philippine Daily Inquirer editorial

Never again would voice or pen be silenced or stilled by dictatorship. Never again would democracy be relinquished due to pied pipers trying to seduce the country into willingly relinquishing its hard-won freedoms. Never again would our vigilance relax, our insistence on accountability be thwarted, or our commitment to democracy waver.

Never again“, Philippine Daily Inquirer Editorial

Martial law is still in effect in Maguindanao. Congress is holding a joint session to debate the proclamation’s merits; the President, the commander-in-chief, the woman with the bright, bright idea of giving the power to the military down south, does not even grace this “historic event” with her presence.

Cory Aquino must be turning in her grave.

I spit on this administration’s lack of respect for its constituents, its history, and the laws of this country.

I spit on this administration’s supporters in Congress.

This administration has nothing but contempt for its people. Is it too much to ask for a government that actually cares?

To be angry is awful, but to be angry is a good thing. What we don’t want to be, is to be indifferent.

Never again. Siya nawa, siya nawa.

2 thoughts on ““in their hour of absolute terror”

  1. Hei Mama, tama ka jan! Ang nasasabi ko na nga lang pag nakakabasa or nakakanuod ng news, ay (sigh) God Bless the Philippines! My gas!

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