small world

I am so not ready to start this work-week. *yawn*

But I had a fun weekend. On Friday, the high school gang (or at least a quarter of it – where the hell is everybody?) was finally able to meet Jaykie. June thought he looked familiar (Jaykie thought so too), so it was possible that they were classmates in a G.E. subject back in college. (They couldn’t remember which.) One of Jaykie’s org mates, Tope, is actually June’s office mate now. Jaykie also attended the same high school as a friend of ours, Ace, who left Bulacan for Quezon City during our sophomore year in high school.

Akalain mo ‘yun. :D

7 pm @ North Park Trinoma

Saturday was basically spent eating too much Ruffles and rootbeer and oh, did you know that Vanilla Macaroon is an excellent flavor for ice cream? I think it’s a Selecta product. And no, my dear, they didn’t pay me to say this.

And ugh, no, no writing done. I’ll fix that this week. ;)

* * *

The Inquirer’s first presidential forum tomorrow at 10 a.m. Sounds exciting.

The presidential forum follows a three-on-three format—three panels of three interviewers each, with three rounds of questioning per panel.

All told, the nine presidential candidates will face nine questions or sets of questions each, from the nine panelists, supplemented by nine predetermined interlocutors from the audience (who will ask one question each).

Unlike many other presidential debates, there will be no general question addressed to all candidates. Instead, each candidate will answer a total of nine specifically tailored questions or sets of questions.

Do you have your ticket? I’ll be there for sure.

4 thoughts on “small world

  1. Actually, maarte lang si June kaya konti tayo! Hehehe… You Know…. And may napansin ako sayo that night…. You Know… Hahaha

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