here be presidential candidates

There was Wi Fi in the University Theater but I didn’t know the password, so no liveblogging, and zero Tweets. ARGH.

But I wrote down some notes during the event (which I attended with the boyfriend because that is how we roll) like those journalists of yore. Old school yo.

Here we go.

– Debate is telecast live over at DZBB. GMA Network is now apparently the media partner of the paper. (I thought ANC was going to live-telecast the thing?)

– Full house.

– ERAP ISN’T HERE? Awww. And here’s why!

Ayyy loud cheers for Villar o.

– “pose for history” LOLZ

– Forum (debate?) begins. Noynoy, JC, empty chair, Gordon, Jamby, Nick Perlas, Gibo, Bro. Eddie, Manny Villar

– Rules and stuff:

– question for Villar: Power or wealth ampota. =))

– on advertisements: “use of children” – Jamby. BURRRN VILLAR!

– This is a Villar hatefest!

– JC thinks “most modern contraceptives are abortifacients”. Stupidest statement I’ve heard in a while. (An old man behind me whispered, “Baka naman noon pang 1986 ‘yung iniisip niya.” LOLLLLL go Lolo!)

– Jamby: If not for the “inconsiderate minority” we could have passed the milk bill. BURRRN AGAAIN VILLAR

– Perlas: principled-dwellers daw sila, not bottom-dwellers.

– Okay, the questions are too fucking long.

– Jamby: “Yes I can say something good about him [Villar]. Maganda pag-tina ng buhok niya.” POWTEK. =))

– Jaykie writes: “I will reverse that thrust.” – Jamby. I can’t recall the context but oooh. Haha.

– And now Jamby talks about insertions.

– Jamby thinks 60 pesos ang isang kilo ng galunggong. Crowd basically goes “Are you crazy???”

– Then she says she’s a vegetarian so she doesn’t know. Lusot. LOLZ.

– Gibo, Gordon, and Jamby give pretty substantive answers. Noynoy sort of flouders; disappointing.

– If this were a debate/public speaking class, Gibo will get a 1.0.

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