featured poem, and a writerly rant

Asia Writes has featured one of my poems from “Reportage”. Read “Crime Scenes” here.

If you’re an Asian writer with a Twitter or a Facebook account, you may want to add this site, which is constantly updated and in my opinion is an excellent resource for writers living in the continent.

* * *

On the writing front – meh, I’m a bit underwhelmed. I’ve finished one story and have sent it out, so now I only have to wait. I think I have a short story draft and an unfinished novel longish piece waiting for me in my laptop. I scribbled a poem while Jake‘s playing Magic with his org mates in UP, but it’s still looking blah. Time! ARGH. I need time to edit, and meditate. I hate all my existing drafts, and I’m running out of good ideas. I used to be so productive! This sucks. It appears that my muse is on vacation and I’ve decided to simply sleep. I love to sleep. Don’t you just love sleep?

I know, I’ll blame it on the weather. It’s been so hot lately.


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