may 11

And I thought this day would never arrive.

Seriously, with the eleventh hour machine glitches and the too-real fears of electoral failure – I thought this country would just implode and disappear even before May 10 could dawn on us.

And still May 10 did arrive, and we survived it (but by no means is this a peaceful election), and just half an hour after the polls closed at 7 p.m. the tallies started coming in.

Less than 36 hours later, presidential candidates began conceding defeat to front-runner Senator Noynoy Aquino (excepting Madrigal, Estrada, and Perlas), and Yasay, Manzano, and Legarda conceded defeat to Binay in the VP race.

We’ve been so used to snail-pace tallying and national candidates contesting the results of the polls that the quick count and the quick concessions came as surprises. This is new. We say, We can get used to this.

And yet with the new technology remained something we should have gotten rid of after 10 years of a heartless administration: bad choices. We were successful in removing Arroyo from the Palace, but we placed her inside the House of Representatives. Lilia Pineda is winning over Among Ed in Pampanga. We voted for Pacquiao. We voted for Imelda Marcos. IMELDA MARCOS. The top two senators are Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada. Lito Lapid is winning. Estrada – a convicted plunderer – is in second place for the presidential race! So if Noynoy didn’t run, we’ll have a second Estrada administration? WHAT?

I’m trying to be hopeful, because it’s healthier, but these results sadden me. Didn’t we want change?

I’d take educated voting over automated elections any damn day.

(Here’s Jaykie’s take on the matter. Yeah, I plug blog posts if it’s by the boyfriend, haha.)

4 thoughts on “may 11

  1. bakit malandi na ang layout mo? i like it.

    ALSO: OMG THESE SENATORS. I’m beginning to think maybe the people who want to abolish the Senate do have a point, slightly.

    • Dun naman tayo lagi sa malanding layout. ;)

      Nakakinsulto kay Miriam at Frank Drilon na mas mataas pa sa kanila si Jinggoy at Bong. It hurts baybeh.

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