Nice quiet Monday dinner and coffee to celebrate our seventh month together. Spaghetti and potato salad and and sausages and peach pancakes and mango crepe and whipped cream (Pancake House) and espresso java chip frappes (Starbucks). Windy day. Nice day.

* * *

Had a pedicure yesterday morning after an effing long time. I’d be spending time in Bohol mostly in flip-flops and my un-pedicured toenails would look er disgusting. So. I like this nail polish because it makes my feet look pale:

The parlor I went to was just across the street from the building where I live, and appeared to cater mostly to old women. Haha. I was the youngest person there. It was like stepping into another planet.

Ate managed to remove the indelible ink from my forefinger! Finally. I would’ve wanted to subject my fingernails to a coat or two of nail polish as well, but how will I get my money from my pocket without ruining my manicure? (LOL.) Anyone here know of a place where they let you dry your nails before pushing you out of the salon?