just passin’ through

1. Oy, we have a new president. Good vibes, good vibes.

2. The boyfriend is now in grad school. Professional Masters in Applied Mathematics (Actuarial Science). When I think “actuary” I think “insurance” but I think that’s too simplistic.

3. I like my Math simplistic.

4. I don’t really get Math.

5. I’m working on a story that finally found its direction. Now it’s all a matter of not being so fucking lazy.

6. I actually have stuff pending in several places. Good news: I haven’t received any rejections. Bad news: I haven’t received any acceptances, either. Where are my rejection slips, editors? Come on, give ’em to me so I can send my pieces to other shops.

(Recommended reading: Mary Robinette Kowal’s “Why rejections make me laugh. Auditions are good prep.” Got it from Charles Tan’s blog.


With writing, the rejection comes months after I did the work, after I’ve already moved onto another project that I’m excited about. I just pop the story in the mail and send it off to someone new. Eventually, it will sell if I’m patient enough.

There’s always another chance to sell a story. And I only have to do the work once.

This is why I say rejections don’t matter in fiction. Of course, I’d rather sell the story but the important thing, the thing I learned from theater is to put all my effort into performing the audition — which in writing is the story — and not worry about the results of the casting.  The performance of the audition is in my control. The casting isn’t.

The writing is in my control. The editor’s choice, isn’t.

You see why rejections for fiction make me laugh?

You go girl.)


8. I haven’t been jogging lately.

9. Item 8 has no connection with Item 7 because I can jog in complete sil- Wait.

10. So we’re here now: scorching hot mornings, rainy evenings. I love the rain, but the heat is still killing me, man.

How have you been?

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