writer shiz

1. I just received word from Expanded Horizons that they are going to reprint my story, “Parallel”, in an upcoming issue. “Parallel” originally appeared in Philippine Speculative Fiction IV in 2009. :)

2. Got this in the mail. Huweeee payment. (You can head on over to Pedestal Magazine. My poem’s called “Maps“.)

Thank you!

3. Got a comment on one of my posts:


I found your blog by googling Zac Roesch. Hope you don’t mind my bringing this up, but: I, too, had a story accepted by SQ for the October issue, and received the same recent email from Zac. His email to me did include his edits to the story, but NOT the contract he said was attached.

I wrote him back saying the contract was missing, but haven’t heard back for these 3 or so weeks.

I wonder if you have any more info about the status of the upcoming issue. Like you, I feel real good about making it into such a respected publication.

I don’t have a blog or site, but if you’re comfortable with email, please feel free to share what you know — or don’t know, as the case may be.


Hm. I’ve already sent an e-mail to Story Quarterly. Hope this gets clarified soon.

(Dear commenter: I didn’t publish your comment on the post because I thought you wouldn’t like to have your name shown on my blog. I’ve sent you an e-mail though!)

4. I still don’t have the free PDF of Cantaraville Ten, which carries my story. I’ve emailed the editors several times. I don’t know. It kinda sucks.

Cantaraville editors, if you’re reading this: What gives? (I do hope my emails just got lost, or whatever.)

2 thoughts on “writer shiz

  1. I have also been waiting to hear back from Zac after having a story accepted for issue 44. Glad to see from this post that the issue didn’t go out without my story. I guess we’ll hear when the time is right. Thanks for the info.

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