the paperless route

1. First of all, avoid buying another book, not even one.

2. Read what’s left on my reading list.

Feast for Crows

The Kobayashi Maru of Love

Showbiz Lengua

PGS Horror issue

Floating Dragon

El Bimbo Variations

The Tesseract

Faithful Place


Zoo City

Our Story Begins

Glass Soup

Here on Earth

The Pull of the Moon

Little Bee

Story Quarterly Issue 44

The Bell Jar

Philippine Speculative Fiction 6

Pacific Rims

The Name of the Wind

Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan

2. Sell the books I can bring myself to sell; and

3. Buy an iPad, Galaxy Tab, Kindle, Nook, something that will allow me to read books conveniently without paper because I have too many books and most of them are in garbage bags on top of my cabinet because I have no shelves and they are DRIVING ME CRAZY.

Any opinions/tips from current users? Which gadget is best?

I can also rent/buy my own place with a gazillion shelves, but I think the gadget’s more affordable.
Hay Lord gusto ko na ng sariling bahay.

6 thoughts on “the paperless route

  1. I can only speak for the iPad atm, and having had the chance to read from my dad’s machine, it feels very comfortable. At the moment, I’ve only been reading bootleg comics on it, not a full-on wall of text novel, so that opinion may change. My dad seems satisfied with the paperless route though, and is happily DLing pdfs and ebooks online.

  2. And that was why I wanted a Kindle. I didn’t have space anymore and my books drove me crazy, too.:)

    If you want a device that is devoted to just reading books, I’d advise either the Kindle or Nook. I, however, love my Kindle. If you want to read graphic novels, though, and interactive books that are sold as apps, I advise you to go with the iPad.

    Good luck!

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