it has to be said

Dear ___________,

I take pictures of friends, new and old, and post them on my site because memory is faulty and I want something to look at to remind me of happy days. I take pictures of couples I know and post them on my site because happiness is infectious (also, they may even want to snag some shots and post them on their own networks, and I’m happy to share them).

I never post pictures out of spite. Like, if a couple had broken up, I would never post their happy couple pics after the fact because that’s just a dick thing to do, and I’m not a dick. (Also: who does that? It’s infantile and mean.)

I posted a picture of the two of you in 2009, NEARLY TWO YEARS AGO (CHECK THE DATE); who’d have known you’d end up separated mere weeks after that picture was taken and posted?

It happened, so I didn’t change that entry. Jaykie and I had pictures in that entry, too, so I didn’t lock that post or erase it.

It’s not my goddamn fault you only asked for the picture’s removal only now, NEARLY TWO YEARS LATER. Don’t blame me.You have no right to be mad at me. Don’t insinuate that I had invaded your privacy. You posed for the picture, didn’t you? It was not a candid shot. You posed for pictures that you knew would be posted online and tagged on Facebook.

I posted that picture because the two of you looked happy together. It was a good idea at that time. Love! Love should be shared!

What made me really mad was your reply (after I’ve taken down the photo), especially this part: ” You didn’t even mention it or ask my permission. It feels like being raped. I know it’s my right to ask for its removal. It has been causing me undeserved ridicule for a long time.”

It feels like being raped.

To quote a friend, “You know what is like being raped? BEING RAPED.”

That line made me so angry, you have no idea.

The good news here is:

  • We’re not friends anymore, so I won’t be taking any more of your pictures.
  • I won’t be mentioning your name here or elsewhere.

My advice:

  • Don’t pose for pictures. Ever. Mahirap na, baka ma-post na naman ‘yan kung saan-saan.
  • Don’t contact me again. I’ve taken down the picture in question. You’re welcome. Good luck with your endeavors.
  • Next time you encounter a picture of you and your boyfriend online and you want that picture taken down, ask nicely.
  • The past sometimes sucks, yeah? But what can we do? Ask all of our acquaintances to edit their public spaces for our benefit?

The bottomline is: you two were happy then, you’re not now. How is that my fault?


4 thoughts on “it has to be said

  1. Agree. (Don’t know who that is, but I absolutely get understand what you’re saying).
    You write beautifully even when you’re fuming mad ^_^
    Keep the fire alive.

    Sungazer fan,

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