a notice to the public

Re-posting from Jovie Dayon:

If SOPA/PIPA passes, this is what will happen to you.

Photos found on the web (Flickr), user-generated content (Wikipedia, Reddit), images or files we even link to (9gag, music files as BGMs) will be reason to take down sites without warning with only 5days to plead your case. Guilty unless proven innocent it is.

No more file-sharing (torrents) VPNs and proxies will be illegal. Opensource will… be good as dead. No more free-flow of information Put it this way: if SOPA and PIPA passed 10 years ago, there would be no Google, YouTube, Wikipedia. Think about it for a bit.

Those caught hosting filesharing sites or downloading abroad can be extradited. DNS (under PIPA) will be filtered– like what China does with Facebook. Sites will definitely be limited. It’s a US bill with worldwide repercussions.

Join the blackout with Reddit, Wikipedia, Mozilla Firefox and other companies from 8am-8pm EST on Jan18 (7pm-7am PH time, Jan19). Don’t access Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, 9gag or Facebook. Post the banners on your sites. Spread the word. We’re all affected by this. The internet has no bounds.

While SOPA has been shelved temporarily, PIPA has not. PIPA is basically a mirror of SOPA, only it is being pushed through the US Senate. It is still pushing through. We won one battle with SOPA, but things are not over yet.


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