In Awake, police detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) survives a car crash. In the car with him were his wife, Hannah, and his son, Rex. After the accident, Britten realizes that he is now living in two parallel worlds. In one reality, his wife Hannah survived the crash, but Rex is dead. He goes to sleep, and he wakes up in another reality, where Hannah is dead, but Rex is still alive. To help him “remember”, he wears a red rubber band when he is with his wife (and consequently the scenes in this reality have summer colors: warm reds and yellows) and a green rubber band when he is with Rex (the scenes here have cool colors: blue and green, like they’re underwater). In both realities, he is seeing a psychiatrist; in both realities, he is solving a crime. Britten still cannot tell which world is real, especially when certain details start to cross over from one parallel world to the other.

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