monthsary/late anniversary celebration! (hotel kimberly – tagaytay)

I was lurking on Deal Grocer in mid-September when I saw their deal for Hotel Kimberly. For PhP 3,995 (PhP 6,700 originally), you get an overnight stay in a Deluxe Room, plus 4-course dinner for two, and breakfast for two. It was my first purchase on DG.

We originally planned to go back to Tagaytay in October for our third anniversary, but we couldn’t get a reservation. So November it is, in time for our 37th monthsary. ♥

Roaaaad triiiiiip

We left at 9 am to have time for lunch in Buon Giorno, and grocery shopping in Summit Ridge. (Where I bumped into Greg, my former ad boss!)

Look! Someone’s going to get married in Tagaytay. Congrats, girl, whoever you are.

Have you tried Mochiko?

Cookie dough and cookies & cream.

Okay, now off to Hotel Kimberly!


The room was quite spacious, which I liked.

Of course I brought my HHN products.

We went for a walk to visit the pool. It’s too cold to swim!

At around 7, we got ready for dinner. We might have been slightly overdressed.

The dinner was all right, but I wished Hotel Kimberly put more effort in improving the ambiance of their restaurant. We were seated at a table for eight. It’s a big freaking table. They signed up for the Deal Grocer deal, so they knew they were going to be overrun with couples – why didn’t they ready some small tables for them? With little flowers and little candles?

Tomato soup and Tagaytay salad. The soup looks like a mess, but it’s quite good. I loved the salad dressing, too.

Listed as “Spicy Pan-grilled Quarter Chicken with Marsala Sauce and Tomato Concasse Pasta”. Nice name, disappointing dish. The chicken’s not even spicy. But I loved the pasta. They should have just given me more of the pasta.

The Tenderloin Cabernet Sauce with Potato Wedges was good, though.

I liked the dessert.

That night, we had gin and got horribly drunk and hungry, so we had food delivered. The food was good! But I couldn’t remember what I ordered. Something with fries and a nice dip.

For breakfast we were expecting a set plate, but were pleasantly surprised to find out that there was a buffet.

Good room, good food, good service. We had a relaxing stay. We’ll consider coming back. :)

Lunch at Antonio’s Grill.

Bulalo! (And chicken skin, which we just took home.)

Happy 3rd, J! ♥

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