moving, moving, moved

Remember this post? Well, I’m more than glad to report that I finally found a space that’s more or less permanent. J found us a cozy one-bedroom we could rent, and my heart is happy, even if my bank account is not. Haha. (If you’re planning to furnish a new apartment, oh my god, save up, boys and girls. You wouldn’t want to get a cheap-ass fridge that might explode on you. This move depleted my Christmas bonus, and then some.)

It’s a learning process. We burnt the eggs the first time we cooked on the induction cooker, and we set the fridge’s temp so low we couldn’t make ice. But baby steps, baby steps. We accept curtain rods and tables as donations.

Here be some pictures:


Before the move: all pink and ready to go.


The bedframe wouldn’t fit the stairs, so we just did without.


Most of these are donations from J’s ma. :)




This cost more than PhP 4k. This better last long.


We got the fridge at a cheaper price because there was a scratch on the door.


First breakfast!


J making dinner.

7 thoughts on “moving, moving, moved

  1. Congrats on the new apartment! It does look cozy and I’m sure you’ll have fun decorating it :)

    I’m a big fan of induction hobs (once you try one you won’t want anything else). We had one similar to yours when we first started. It did all the job, plus a 2 in 1 microwave/oven that up to now I still use instead of the big oven to cook for our small family.

    I can’t smell so induction’s useful for me, but sadly, the one the parents-in-law gave us for our wedding in 2007 (a five-zone one from Siemens, still unused) is not wide enough to fit the cooker hole in the kitchen of our new house so we got stuck to using the gas cooker that the old owners had left.

    We were lucky when we moved because the old owners who moved to Australia renovated the house and bought new appliances – dishwasher, fridge, washing machine, dryer, you name it – which they had to leave (and according to hubby they were the best brands as well). You’re right, cheap fridge freezers are quite dodgy. I think there was a recall of Beko fridge freezers here a few years ago because of reported explosions.

    Here’s to another happy, exciting year for you and J. Our best wishes :)

    • Hi Catherine! Always a pleasure to hear from you! :) And wow, if only I can find former owners who leave new appliances behind haha. Gas stoves scare me, that’s why I chose to just get an induction hob/cooker/stove.

  2. Wow awesome :) Madami ka actually pwedeng iluto sa rice cooker kung me rice cooker kayo, pwede na din syang pasta cooker (me ginagawa ako with spanish sardines one pot cooking) :) Mas safe yang induction saka tama si Cy—housewarming naman dyan haha :)

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