the weekend in food, beginnings, and endings

It’s J’s nephew’s 1st birthday AND J’s college graduation on Saturday.

Wearing comfy shoes instead of heels with the dress.


The children’s party was at Kidzville in Podium, so we stopped by Madeca, where I treated J to a celebratory lunch and dalandan mojitos. (Before that, stopped by Beauty Bar and bumped into Lizzy. Helllooooo. :-*)


The mojito was really good. Try it if you haven’t!


We couldn’t stay for long at the party. Eat and run! :D




More photos here. The cake was really yummy.

Out of the party by 3:30, UP Diliman by 4 pm. You know it’s graduation season because by the time we parked, there was already a swarm of “official” corsage sellers and photographers itching to pin something on your chest. (I had to make sungit to a few of them. Parang nanay lang.) We did, however, pay PhP 500 for 10 photos, because I went up the stage as well and there wasn’t anyone else who could take photos. Can’t wait to see those.

Anyway, here’s the Graduate! Professional Masters in Applied Mathematics, Major in Actuarial Science.





Graduation is srs bznz.



Associate Justice Marvic Leonen was the guest speaker.


Selfie before we went up the stage!


The ceremony ended relatively early, at 7:30 pm.


Notes: it rained before the program started, so the field was muddy, and there were fire ants everywhere! D: D: D: The bites are still itchy and swollen until now. The things I do for love. Haha. Congrats J! <3

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