someone broke into our home

Someone broke into our apartment unit. Broke the lock, ransacked our clothes (presumably to look for money – joke’s on him). Took J’s laptop. My waterproof camera, ATM cards, and the appliances were spared. But he took J’s laptop! Which infuriates me and breaks my heart, even though the machine has the tendency to overheat, and J’s already thinking of buying a better machine. Still, he bought it from the US for 30K with his own money, and it was a good companion. He could have resold it. Sayang.

The day before we found out about the break-in (Saturday afternoon – I was not in Metro Manila at the time; a neighbor saw that our door was busted and everything inside “was a mess” and called the landlady), J was telling me over the phone that he had been canvassing gaming laptops online but was hesitant to buy because what would he do with his old laptop?, and I was daydreaming of how I could re-arrange our room so the laptop wouldn’t be in the way whenever J gets clothes. Welp, problem solved! {she says sarcastically}

More infuriating is the fact that someone broke into our fucking home. And dug through my dresses and my underwear! I hope he – but my anger is my own. No need for me to ruin your day. But: aaargh. People are such shits!

Now, I’m in the process of buying a secondhand laptop so we’ll have something to use. (Like most people, a computer’s our lifeline and our entertainment center. We also use it as a TV set.) I have planned to buy a laptop...eventually. Not now. God knows I have enough bills to pay. But we need it, so a secondhand unit should do.

If you want to help me defray the cost, please consider buying my books, or sharing this post so people can buy my books. I also have free fiction and poems that you can read online. For free! My PayPal address is ee[underscore]ey[underscore]vee[at]yahoo[dot]com, if you’d like to donate to my secondhand laptop/Project Tighten Our Security 2013 fund.

Thank you for reading. And stay safe. Keep a phantom wolf as a pet. (We’re planning on doing this. Burglars beware!)

15 thoughts on “someone broke into our home

  1. Oh no. That’s sick. People these days. So sorry to hear. Couldn’t imagine someone else rummaging through my underwear too. Maybe save for my daughter. On the other hand, it is a relief to know you and J are safe.

    Buy a Lenovo Ideapad! The husband got me one for 17k. Not bad for a brand new 13.3-incher. that resembles a Mac Air, especially if you can have it on a 12-month credit card installment. Will probably save you headaches that a second hand unit may yield in the long term. But, of course, it’s your laptop.

    • Thanks. Hehe my previous laptop was a Lenovo, but just a netbook. Good machine. I’m already in talks with this guy who’s selling his Samsung laptop. Okay naman specs for the price, pero yun nga, previously owned. We’ll just check it thoroughly. :)

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