birthday weekend

I turned 27 and this blog turned five. A double birthday!


Before we headed to Bulacan, I had a drink with J’s friends from college Halloween night. It was fun. I got to try this!

This is Phil, our happy host. Thanks for the company, guys!

(I could just imagine my father saying, “You went out drinking with men???” It’s okay, Father, we just tried the Vomit-flavored beans. Want some Earwax?)

(If you’re a father and your teenage daughter is a nerd – you’ll be fine. Don’t worry. She’ll have a blast just sitting with guys and playing YAWHG.)

I showed my age by requesting my siblings to PLEASE NOT BUY ME A CAKE. Weird, right? I must be getting old.

Instead I asked them to buy a cheeseburger from Jollibee.

Birthday cakes are boring, and Jollibee is always awesome. (PSA: The Thor thumb drive is 1 Gig. “Ang liit naman,” my brother said. Remember when the largest thumb drive capacity was 512 MB? SEE I JUST DATED MYSELF AGAIN.)

It was a boring staycation weekend – just the way I like it. I ate, I read, I watched some movies, I chatted with my family, I had J. We got back Sunday night and had a nice dinner at the mall.

My birthday leave was on Monday, and I spent it inside the apartment, watching the first season of The Middle and tidying up.

I got the chair/container bin combo from my sister, the books from Phil, and the fake-looking action figures from cereal boxes.

Washi’d some jars.



Grateful for another year.

I love my late 20s. You can act like a child (Exhibit A: a group of grown men laughing over someone eating an Earthworm-flavored bean) and drink brandy without being carded. And you can finally not care. Remember high school, where you were expected to care about everything? How the hell did I get through that? And college (particularly freshman college, which is really just high school), where you were judged based on the films you like, the music you love, and the books you read. Yes, I owned Backstreet Boys cassette tapes – a fact I wouldn’t have divulged to college classmates, who expected you to be high and lofty, listening to Edith Piaf and reading One Hundred Years of Solitude.  (Particularly guilty of this are some Creative Writing majors.) (I also like Edith Piaf and One Hundred Years of Solitude.  And I’m not telling you that so you’ll think I’m cultured – I’m telling you what I like, and that’s that.)

It’s great, to not care. People who are stuck in high school (who equate Facebook ‘likes’ to self-worth, who act like they’re the Big Deal so they can be treated like the Big Deal) are a tragic, pathetic bunch.

Kids – it will get better. Just love what you love and stop pretending otherwise. And read books. Goddamn it. Read something. It will make your lives richer.

This is a very tita post haha.

Please don’t suck, Earth Year 27.

2 thoughts on “birthday weekend

  1. Belated happy birthday again! Glad you had a great one :) I get what you mean by that last bit. My first cassette tape that I bought using my own savings (and I thought long and hard before buying it) was… a cassette tape from that band Damage. HAHAHA. I got it because it seemed like a worthy investment at that time. It had lyrics and photos of these guys that I don’t even have crushes on and because PEER PRESSURE hahaha. The proudest cassette purchase of my life will forever be my Spice Girls album (an autographed one that sadly drowned in Ondoy, but an autographed one nonetheless!). Here’s to loving what you love, hipster schmipter thoughts aside. Yay!

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