Feeling a bit down today. Then I checked my Spam folder and found a long, beautiful email from a reader who loved Project 17.

Here’s a (heavily redacted because spoilers) portion:

I can’t describe how good the book was. I cried when —. My heart felt heavy after I found out what really happened to — I wanted to strangle –. I hated the –. I was amazed by the possibility of a futuristic and safer Philippines. I wanted — to hack my crush’s FB account (haha!). I wanted — and — to go out. Haha!

I loved the Dolores brothers’ relationship. But I hated how –. But overall, I love Paul. He was such a gem. I would love to have a brother like him.

I am from Bulacan so it made me proud when the story revolved around the province. Are you from Bulacan as well, Miss Eliza? I hope to see you someday and have my copy of Project 17 signed. Hehe.

You’re my new favorite author now, Miss Eliza. … God, I can’t get over it! I love Project 17.

Thank you for the wonderful story, Miss Eliza.

Sometimes you wonder why you even bother writing. And then a complete stranger reminds you.

Thank you.

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