Eliza Victoria is a Filipino author. Her books include Project 17 (2013), A Bottle of Storm Clouds (2012), and Unseen Moon (2013).  Her fiction and poetry have appeared in several online and print publications in the Philippines and elsewhere, including Daily Science Fiction, Stone Telling, Room Magazine, Story Quarterly, The Pedestal Magazine, High Chair, and the Philippine Speculative Fiction anthologies. Her work has won prizes in the Philippines’ Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature and the Free Press Literary Awards. She has also been nominated for the Pushcart Prize  and the National Children’s Book Awards, and has been included in the Honorable Mentions for Best Horror of the Year.

Latest news:

  • The ebook edition of my poetry chapbook, Apocalypses, is now available from Flipside Publishing. Get your copy here.


PROJECT 17 preview cover

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A Bottle of Storm Clouds (ebook & print paperback): Amazon.com (MOBI) | Flipreads.com (DRM-free EPUB) | Kobo (DRM-free EPUB) | Wizard’s Tower Books (DRM-free EPUB)|Weightless Books (DRM-free EPUB and MOBI) | Google Play| iTunes (iOS) | Fully Booked | Bibliarch | Pandayan Bookshop | National Book Store | Powerbooks |and provincial outlets

Unseen Moon (ebook): Smashwords (various formats) | Amazon.com (MOBI)

Apocalypses (poetry chapbook): Amazon.com (MOBI, fixed-layout) | Flipreads.com (DRM PDF)