dinner dinner

I got my much needed pick-me-up on Friday (this week had just been exhausting for me, I don’t know why), when I went out to have dinner with my high school girlfriends (and one of the girls’ boyfriends). We went to Avenetto at its MOA branch. (We almost switched to Sbarro when we couldn’t be seated right away, but we got tired of walking.)


I’ve never tried that restaurant before, didn’t know they had such big servings. (Good, too, that I was warned by Sasa and Grace Anne. I mean, what if I ordered a pasta dish all by myself?)

Then Haagen-Dazs for dessert. Sasa ordered Seventh-Heaven-something-or-other; the dry ice in the middle was supposed to represent Heaven. I thought it was a nice touch. (I still don’t understand why the ice cream has to be so expensive, though. I mean – it’s ice cream!)


I was able to get extra whipped cream and a cinema pass, thanks to Sasa’s power authority beauty employee discount bullying skills.

More photos at my Multiply site. All photos credited to Sasa and RJ. Thanks, guys!

(By the way, these girls and I are planning a trip to Bohol early next year. We’re going to stay in Cebu for a short while – do you know of a nice cheap nice place where we can stay? :) E-mail me or leave a comment.)

* * *

The next day, Saturday, I met up with ex-office mate Eden at Trinoma. (In July last year I had a month-long stint as web copywriter. I took the job because two months of post-college joblessness just felt too long and I was getting anxious and paranoid and impatient and angry with myself for not getting a job sooner. I left because there was too much work and the pay wasn’t really good.) Eden talked like she just downed five cups of coffee. While we were inside Powerbooks she gushed over Atonement, and ripped Stephenie Meyer, Paulo Coelho, and Nicholas Sparks – in that order. I participated in the exercise (Meyer’s okay, not blow-me-away good; Coelho I believe may just be a victim of bad translation, to which Eden replied, “E bakit si Gabriel Garcia-Marquez? Ano yun, magaling lang translator niya?” Well, good point. As for Sparks – hm, no), then got a little frightened halfway through. Meyer fans can be really brutal.

We left the bookstore without buying anything. (I wanted to buy a copy of 20th Century Ghosts, but it was sold out.)

The last time Eden and I met, I practically forced her to watch Jesse James. So this time she practically forced me to watch Quantum of Solace. I wasn’t even able to watch Casino Royale. Come to think of it, Quantum might have been the first Bond film I was able to watch in entirety. It was all right; I had fun.

I just adored the song (Jack White! Jack White!) in the opening credits:

Mary Grace (another restaurant I’ve never tried before): Food for the Gods, Mango Bene. Terrific.

Before we went home, she bought me a book (A.M. Homes’ The Safety of Objects) as a late birthday gift.

Or maybe because I just kept dogging her to do so.

Hm. I should do that more often. :)

16 thoughts on “dinner dinner”

  1. di ko nagustuhan quantum :|

    ay andaming ice cream ni ate. onga e, bat ba ke mahal mahal ng haagen dazs. hindi talaga ako gagastos ng ganon kalaki para sa ice cream,haha

  2. e libre naman daw, so oki lang ahahahahahha. to be fair te, masarap siya. :D

    ay, bakit di mo nagustuhan? ako kebs e, basta oki na yung stunts kere na. saka ang ganda ni miss fields, hihi. baka ni-compare mo sa casino royale? mas maganda kasi yata nang di hamak yun e. :D

  3. we went to bohol May this year. good hotel. affordable. great facilities. beachfront pa.

    i may have to get back to you on the contact details of the place, though. hihihi.

  4. paul! may nahanap na yatang hotel yung friend ko sa bohol. yung sa cebu na lang yung problema haha. but yeah, do give me the details when you have time. kelangan makatipiiiiiid hihi :D

  5. depends on what you’re doing. you want to go outskirts as in outskirts, try casa del mar in san remigio. beachfront, with pool. if you want something classy, maribago in mactan. mejop pricier lang. along that road is a line of resorts that you can choose that have rooms.

    if you want city living, there’s this cheap place called castle peak which is close enough to ayala center should you need emergency shopping. yung talagang walking distance from ayala would be on the pricey side (i.e., marriott and waterfront). along fuente osmena, also a busy section of the city, anjan yung elegant circle.

    now a question: nasa sa cebu na kayo and you plan to go to bohol? *mock mockery* i mean, for what? to update friendster photos with chocolate hills as background and have photo-ops with some wide-eyed furry little wazzisname? cebu is like paradise. i think there’s a reason they call it the queen city of the south? hehehehehehe.

    srsly, yeah. bohol will be good. andun yung panglao ata.

    but men, nasa cebu ka na eh. beaches, dive sites, cheap buys, food, beaches, night life, beaches, people, churches and did i say beaches?

    don’t eve get me started with cagayan de oro… :)

  6. eh eh i wasn’t the one who planned the whole thing. hindi ko nga rin alam kung bakit bohol e. yun nga rin sinabi ko sa nag-plan: aanhin ko naman ang chocolate hills??? as if mahahawakan ko yun.

    pero susulitin namin ang cebu, for sure wehe.

    eh saka bakit ba, gusto ko makahawak ng tarsier. (oo kahit meron din naman sa zoo.)

    hindi rin ako mahilig mag-beach (since i can’t swim and i’m just a lazy ass) so yeah, kailangan ko talaga makahawak ng tarsier kung hindi walang silbi ang trip :)

    salamats sa recos. :D

  7. i like a.m homes. on a whim, i bought that book from booksale. di ko pa sya kilala nun, a risk for me, but i liked it. yung fave story ko yung me barbie sex. hehe:)

  8. teka teka teka yun yung last story e ahahah. di pa ako tapos. sobrang gusto ko yung “Esther In The Night”. grabe, ang brutal, ang heartbreaking. ang gandaaaaaaaaaaa.

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