‘see? poetry.’

[6:46 PM]<me> may nipadala friend ko na link sa isang apartelle sa bohol. gusto ko lang ipagpag, natawa ako dito “A villa dramatically anchored on a cliff with spanning view of the sea and the majestic sunset.” sabi ko sa kanya, paano kung hindi siya anchored “dramatically”, malalaglag kaya siya?
[6:46 PM]<me> What if i-try natin siya i-anchor “grammatically” ganyan, or “perilously.”
[6:46 PM]<me> ahahahah bwisit
[6:47 PM]<kate> HAHAHAHAHAH
[6:47 PM]<kate> grammatically ampota
[6:47 PM]<kate> “hanging on by an apostrophe”
[6:48 PM]<me> now there’s poetry
[6:48 PM]<me> shet we should take notes
[6:48 PM]<kate> so conchitina would say
[6:48 PM]<kate> hahaha
[6:48 PM]<kate> troooo
[6:48 PM]<me> ahahha
[6:48 PM]<kate> we should compile our conversations over chat, really.
[6:48 PM]<me> or pwedeng title ng rock album
[6:48 PM]<me> or pangalan ng rock band
[6:48 PM]<kate> tapos let’s pass it off as poetry
[6:48 PM]<kate> by removing both our names
[6:48 PM]<me> oo konting tweaks lang sa line cuts
[6:48 PM]<kate> tapos ang claim natin to fame e surprise poetry siya, ganyan.
[6:48 PM]<me> tapos sasabihin natin, We let space do the talking.
[6:48 PM]<kate> HAHAHAHAHAHa
[6:49 PM]<me> kabog sila dyan bakla
[6:49 PM]<kate> tabi jan high chair
[6:49 PM]<me> pota
[6:49 PM]<me> ahahhah
[6:49 PM]<kate> eto kami, wheelchair naman.
[6:49 PM]<kate> hahahah
[6:49 PM]<me> bakit bumenta bakit bumentaaaaaaa
[6:50 PM]<kate> hindi ko alam te
[6:50 PM]<kate> ewan ko sayo
[6:50 PM]<kate> haha
[6:51 PM]<me> ahahha iba-blog ko to.
[6:51 PM]<me> sabog eh
[6:51 PM]<kate> see?
[6:51 PM]<kate> poetry.

* * *

But really now, High Chair publishes great poetry. Some faves:

Benjamin Paloff’s “Time and Sense”

Christina Mengert’s “Elegy”

Vincenz Serrano’s “How can it be that the sublime can only be approached and never touched”

* * *

I am again in that phase where I believe I can write poetry. Hm. Well. At least it keeps me entertained. I miss workshops.

I need beta testers. Any takers? :)

6 thoughts on “‘see? poetry.’”

  1. dear eliza:
    naniniwala ako na one day ikaw na mismo ang magbibigay ng workshops. believe ET. hahaha. and when that day comes, pwede bang libre ako? haha.

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