It’s one of those films where you feel sorry for the son/daughter for having a sweet but suffocating parent, only to have succeeding events prove the parent right. Of course the parent has to be proven right, or there won’t be a movie. (The film’s called Taken, remember?)

Co-written by Luc Besson (La Femme Nikita), Taken leans heavily on the action, carefully taking its weight off the social commentary and the domestic drama. Bryan Mills’ family heartaches I actually found more intriguing; a deeper exploration would have been wonderful, but hey, we need more space for the car chases and the fight scenes, right?

What the heck, I enjoyed the film, and Liam Neeson’s cool. :D

(Photo from Post-Gazette.com)

6 thoughts on “taken”

  1. I loved this movie. I thought that it did everything much better than your average guy looks for missing person drama/action/thriller film, not just because of the choices in script but also, and mostly, because of Liam Neeson’s choice to portray the character of Bryan. Despite it being an action film at the very core, I felt like he really got through to us his pain of being a dad in search of his daughter. The thing about his character, really, is that he was only out there to find his daughter – if they had agreed to give her back in the first place he would have dropped everything. He wouldn’t have unraveled the whole illegal operation. I actually liked that. I’m glad it didn’t turn into social commentary – the movie might have been overburdened and the commentary could have been forced and near-meaningless. The film makers knew what they wanted to do and did it well.

    Promise ha, all the while I was watching gusto ko ring maging daddy (hoy, hindi “daddy” ha, as in tatay talaga :p) si Liam Neeson.

  2. i really thought it was going to be a full-blown domestic drama (i watched the movie without knowing what it was about haha).

    the action surprised me, but hey, it’s liam neeson. :D

  3. uy! i really loved this film!

    i’m a big Luc Besson fan and i was so surprised he was able to pull off something like this. ang galing na lang.

    natuwa ako sa portray ni Liam Neeson. ang angas na lang. :d

    and to think i first saw the film on a bus. buo ha. (LOL)

  4. @coffee hehe, i don’t believe i’ve seen kiss of the dragon, but yeah, bourne identity, ransom, check check. did you like Taken though? i enjoyed it, i’m thinking mostly because of liam neeson XD

  5. @el pistolero hihi ang naaalala ko lang na luc besson film na napanood ko yung the fifth element, which i enjoyed hehe. ang cool talaga ni liam neeson, hot dadeh XD

    at natawa na lang ako na sa bus mo sya napanood ahahahahahha. grabe ang concentration te.

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