james, james

I had the luxury of having a friend with movie passes, so we watched both on the same day. Both origin stories, of which I have little to no prior knowledge, and both with main characters named James.

(If you want to gauge my “prior knowledge”, let me tell you something: I thought Logan’s first name was really “Logan”, and I thought Captain Kirk’s name was really, well, “Kirk”. I recognize the terms “Vulcan”, and “Klingon”, and I know “Spock” is a name for someone, but I don’t know who. I’m sure there’s someone named “Data” in the Star Trek universe, but maybe he comes later in the game.)


X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Photo from shockya.com

All that hype (and indignation over the leaked copy) for this. If you’re going to give me cardboard characters and a derivative plot, might as well give me decent CGI and compelling fight scenes. I can’t remember how many times Wolverine shouts “Victor!” and assumes that pose. Too many times, I guess. I did enjoy the first few scenes—nice credits sequence, nice-looking clean-cut Asian guy with the crazy gun skillz, Reynolds in the elevator with a line that made me laugh, Pippin (or was it Merry) and his light bulb. Then Logan moves to Canada, becomes a lumberjack, and gets a girl who asks why the moon is lonely, apparently to make an important plot point. How pitiful, how sad, barf.

I watched it for Liev and Ryan Reynolds and the Gambit character. The first two didn’t get enough screen time, and Gambit was disappointing.

Moving on.

Star Trek


Photo from Post-Gazette

Nerd bullies, gadgets, overwrought militaryspeak, bright-colored uniforms – now that’s more like it. Before we went into the cinema, my friend with the movie passes said, “Bet this is going to suck”, and even planned to just walk out and shop if the first scene bored her. It didn’t suck, we finished the film, and we left the mall happy. It’s a fun ride, and I wouldn’t mind watching this film again.

I don’t know why, but for the most part of the film, the fact that Harold and Kumar’s Harold is playing the young Mr. Sulu completely escaped me. The entire time I just kept wondering who his character was. I didn’t even realize until today that that was Eric Bana, and that woman was Winona Ryder. Toink.

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