hamlet 2


Photo from Baltimore Magazine

Didn’t everyone die in the first one? Catherine Keener asks Steve Coogan’s Dana, but who cares? The school’s going to shut down the drama club (apparently the last remaining elective in this Tucson high school), art education in the US is being threatened, and he needs to please this kid critic who has just slammed his theatrical adaptation of Erin Brockovich. What else can be done?

Write a damn sequel for Shakespeare’s Hamlet! With a time machine! And Einstein! And Jesus! And a song called “Rock Me, Sexy Jesus”! And additional music from the Tucson Gay Men’s Chorus!

You have quite the swimmer’s bod, one of Dana’s students says of Dana’s Jesus. Wait a second, the student says, confused, Is Jesus a swimmer in this play?

The kid critic quotes Roland Barthes in one of his articles. That really got me.

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