movies movies moviiiieees

So Gladdys shared this link. Upcoming films for ’09 – bring it on!

The guy practically did everything: uploaded the posters, described the films, linked to the trailers, but I just want to say:

Julie & Julia


Another film with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams (Doubt), and a comedy! WITH FOOD! Can’t wait to see this.

(Click on the posters to view the trailers.)



I couldn’t even remember the last musical I’ve seen. It couldn’t be Chicago – that can’t be right. In any case, I’m seeing this one.



I’m very, very interested in character-driven sci-fi, sci-fi devoid of explosions and spectacles, and probably the kind of sci-fi that will bore my brothers to tears. Anyway. I first saw Moon‘s trailer on ANC, and I wanted to see it already. It’s Sam Rockwell, bitches.



Lars von Trier at the helm of a thriller. Bring it!

Funny People


Another Apatow. I’m excited. In the trailer: Now they’re thinking I broke up with you. I cracked up.



Is this already showing here? Are they ever going to show it? Grr. Anyway, I’m completely in love with the soundtrack. Listen to “End Credits” here. “Exploration” is also a favorite. Bruno Coulais is full of win, yes.

Where The Wild Things Are


The darn trailer made me cry. ‘Nuff said.


Or wait, I just want to say that the Arcade Fire song, “Wake Up” is exquisite. GOOD SONG CHOICE, FILMMAKERS!


Something filled up
My heart with nothing
Someone told me not to cry

But now that I’m older
My heart’s colder
And I can see that it’s a lie

Children, wake up
Hold your mistake up
Before they turn the summer into dust

If the children don’t grow up
Our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up
We’re just a million little gods causing rainstorms
Turning every good thing to rust

I guess we’ll just have to adjust


GAH. Gets me every time.

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