mini-reviews, 4

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The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

Film Review The Taking of Pelham 123


Well, I didn’t know John Turturro was in this film; if I knew then I would have entered the cinema with a little more than a vague, vague curiosity. John Travolta as the crazy-ass hostage taker, with bespectacled Denzel Washington chained behind a microphone. Pelham 1 2 3, the train, comes to a sudden halt, Travolta’s Ryder gives his demand, and filmmaker Tony Scott freeze-frames every now and then to slap us with the number of minutes remaining, just in case we forget. It’s quick, it’s sleek, and it’s exactly what I needed that Friday afternoon.

James Gandolfini is in this film, too. Bet you didn’t know that.

The Green Mile (novel)

green mile

I’ve seen the film years before, and I’ve been meaning to read the novel, but every time I dropped by the bookstore I only find the last two volumes (it was originally published as a serial novel), and what the hell was I supposed to do with that, right. Before going to the movies I passed by a BookSale branch and lo and behold, a copy meant just for me. Good, strong writing, even some lovely passages (See? Even genre readers care about language); a story I can easily get lost in. I finished it late on Saturday night. And because I’ve seen the film first I couldn’t help but hear Tom Hanks’s voice in my head as I read the words of the Narrator.

Sigh, I want to see the film again.

PS I’m pretty sure Cois will again say I should read Hearts in Atlantis, and what is wrong with me? But I’m working on it, I swear! :D

* * *

While in Powerbooks I saw a copy of Tana French’s new book on the counter. I didn’t even know she’d already come out with a sequel!


I really liked her debut novel, In The Woods, but originally had misgivings about the idea of a sequel. (I liked Rob more than Cassie, for one.) Then I saw the book and now I want iiiiiit.

I’ll have to save money, then I’ll come back to grab it. Hopefully by then there’ll be cheaper copies.

* * *

During the screening I saw the trailer of Surrogates, a sci-fi flick starring Bruce Willis. Looks interesting.

* * *

I just found out today that I was this close to winning a free book. :) Tell a mystery/romance sci-fi story in 126 characters, they said, so I sent:


Congrats also to Celestine and Sir Kenneth. :D

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