the curse of the book bargain sale

I swear, they’re following me. Usually it’s the other way around.

* * *

Trinoma. July 31. I went straight to Fully Booked because I was meaning to buy either Little Brother or House of Leaves. Both were not available, so I finally picked up a (cheaper) copy of French’s The Likeness.

Powerbooks. I entered the store just for the heck of it. (Normally I try to avoid entering another bookstore after a purchase; budget budget budget.) The word budget flew out the window. It’s a sale! There were two tables full of books at 80 % off!

I got:

Who Stole The Funny? P105 (orig. P500+)

The Society of Others P79 (orig P400?)

* * *

August 1. At Market! Market! with Eula. It took us perhaps half an hour before we realized that it was National Book Store that was having this utterly ridiculous sale. Ridiculous, I tell you. I was able to grab a book that went for P5. Even the cashier looked stunned.

I also got my first DeLillo book whee. :D

dot.bomb P5 (this looks like a P400+ kind of book)

Falling Man P35 (P500+?)

* * *

Enough. Broke. Way too many unread books already. Enough.

* * *

Oh, we peeked in at the Fully Booked Book Grab. Not during the actual contest, though. We saw the cordoned-off area, the books up er for grabs. I saw only one book worth grabbing: Specimen Days by Michael Cunningham. There were mostly travel books. No thanks.

(It’s highly possible that I’m just being bitter here.)

* * *

Quick, Quick Movie Reviews

Ice Age 3 is fun, similar to those animated films that children today will enjoy, and which years later will probably make them go, Listen to all these sexual innuendos!

I saw it in 3D with my brother, and having done that I now have serious doubts about viewing anything in 3D. The whole time my eyes ached and I could only think sore eyes sore eyes sore eyes.

Wearing glasses inside a cinema felt like wearing a cap inside a church for me.

AND 3D’s expensive.

Meanwhile, I found Orphan surprisingly effective as a thriller. It’s entertaining. I enjoyed watching it. I won’t discourage anyone from watching it. ;)


And yes, Cyril, I won’t judge anyone’s film tastes ever again LOL.

(Nah. I probably still will.)

I didn’t know Peter Sarsgaard is in this film. He is love. <3

And did you see Leo DiCaprio’s name in the list of producers? Strange.

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