My concern for the day was our godforsaken fridge, which we couldn’t close anymore due to the ice in the freezer. I called up my landlady, asked her if she could send someone over to defrost the darn thing (or attack the darn thing with an ice pick – who cares, we just wanted to close the freezer).

She said: I’ll also have your letter sent over.

I said, Letter? And she said the letter was for me.

I remembered what Paolo Chikiamco said yesterday, and I went sort of numb.

* * *


I knooooow. Poetry! Never, never in my wildest dreams. :)

Below is the logo of the Palanca Awards. They say it’s like the Pulitzers of the Philippines. That sounds nice.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go check how our fridge is doing.

17 thoughts on “holycrapholycrapholycrap”

  1. This calls for some inane statement, like “Disisit pansit!” Congrats, bekbek! We’re all burning with envy but that’s beside the point. LOL. Yey libreeee :D

      1. ‘Pag pwede nang verbal yung entry. Meganon hahaha. Dapat may libre yang ganyang milestones te te te

  2. Hey!
    What’s next, a Facebook fan page? hahahahaha.
    Wait til you get a hold of her short stories, Palanca judges!

    *applause, applause*

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