four eyes, etc

My right eye is a traitor. So in order to prevent its inevitable deterioration, doc says I have to wear glasses whenever I’m in front of a computer.

Fine. (Sigh.)

* * *

District 9 is absolutely brilliant. I will not say anything more. I deliberately avoided reading the summary or any blog entries or film reviews discussing this, so maybe you should too.


* * *

Meanwhile, at the Philippines Free Press Literary Awards

When our names weren’t called, Dean Alfar turned to me and sang, Don’t cry out louuuuud. But I wasn’t crying. I didn’t even expect to be shortlisted!

But the night became so much fun because –

Okay, later. Look at this list first:

Judges (Poetry) Ricardo de Ungria chairman, Danton Remoto, Neil Garcia

Judges (Short Story) Charlson Ong chairman, Timothy Montes, Dr. Paraluman Giron

Finalists (Short Story) Sunboy by Dean Francis Alfar, Bad Heart by John Bengan, Outlaws, by Mary Jessel B. Duque, Big Yellow by Jean Claire Dy, The Death of Roy by Sharmaine Galve, Photo Sessions by Joy Anne Icayan, Catherine Theory by Sasha Martinez, Epic Life by Rhea Politado, Marita Pangan by Mechu Aquino Sarmiento, Wishes Do Come True by Mia Tijam, An Abduction by Mermaids by Eliza Victoria

Finalists (Poetry) Infinite Mondays by Mads Bajarias, Mebuyen by Mikael de Lara Co, Textbook Statistics by Arkaye Kierulf, Slowness by Marie La Vina, Instructions by Marie La Vina, Meals Without You by Arvin Mangohig, It Is 1980 by Natasha Gamalinda, Poet Looks at Satellite Picture of Home by Sid Gomez Hildawa, Poet Talks to an Old Movie by Sid Gomez Hildawa, The Little Things by Rafael Antonio C. San Diego

Winners (Fiction): 3rd Place: Catherine Theory/Bad Heart (tie), 2nd Place: Marita Pangan, 1st Place: Epic Life

Winners (Poetry): 3rd Place: Mebuyen, 2nd Place: (one of Hildawa’s poem, sorry I can’t remember), 1st Place: Textbook Statistics

Congrats to the winners!

* * *

As I was saying: the night became so much fun because I was finally able to attach a face and a voice to the names in my email Inbox, and my Plurk/Twitter pages.

I am still reeling: Before the program began, crazy crazy talk with Dean and Nikki Alfar, Alex, Kate, and Vin Simbulan, and EK. Always a pleasure.

When Sarge Lacuesta read the names of the finalists in Fiction, some people behind me cheered and applauded. I knew there were people behind me but I also knew that I do not know them. Why are they cheering? Who are these people?

Then a voice asking Dean, “Kilala mo?” and Dean saying, “Ito, ito.”

I turned and there was Mikael de Lara Co, who said he loved my poems (the ones that won the Palanca). When he said his name I couldn’t stop myself, I felt the need to clutch his arms and blurt out: I LOVE YOUR POEMS OMGZ. Yes. Like a crazy fangirl. Ew.

Mookie Katigbak, Sarge’s lovely wife, even actually said they are “big fans”. Or maybe she meant, some people she knew are “big fans”. Fuck it, I heard big fans and my brain didn’t even want to accept it.

Mookie: It is a big win. It is such a big win. We were saying Who is this? Who is this? And you look so young!

When she asked my age and I said 22, EK turned to me and said, “No way you’re 22.”

Very 22, sister. So sorry.

I finally met Sarge and Carl. Yay!

Philbert was also there, but I didn’t get the chance to talk to him. Anyway, he probably wouldn’t remember me.

Crazy Sharmaine kept saying Palanca Award! Palanca Award! Like she couldn’t believe it. Well, I couldn’t believe it, so there.

When I approached Charlson Ong and introduced myself, he said, Maganda ‘yung istorya mo.

Love it.

Can’t wait to see these guys again at the Palanca awarding ceremonies, eeh.

* * *

So I didn’t win, but I win Best Title, sabi nga ng mga Alfars, hahaha.

* * *

Special thanks to EK for the pictures (photos are over here) and the company. Enjoyed the chika. <3

* * *

When I got home, Nina and Tere, the girls from the flat, stepped out of the elevator, saw me, and said they have been looking for me, and oh, do you drink?

All in all, lovely night. (It’s one in the morning and I am typing this intoxicated.)

9 thoughts on “four eyes, etc”

  1. ako rin! Idol kita! XD sayang di ka nanalo, pero potah, sabi mo nga, 22 ka lang. 8 years bago 30. isang palanca isang taon, andami nun! oha, oha!

    binabasa kita. Kaso short stories lang. di talaga ako maka-digs ng tula kapag sobrang lalim haha. Ung phil graphic pala, di pa rin ako nakakabili wah! pero nabasa ko na ung Hotel. hehe

    labo, pede bang fanboy mo ang kaibigan mo? pero weno ba? muli… IDOL! XD

  2. nope, i think mookie did actually mean we were big fans– not people we knew . (although i’m sure we know people who are big fans too. it’s just that i’m certain that what she meant when she said “we’re big fans of your poetry” was, well, we are big fans of your poetry). see you on tuesday. :)

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