What if: you can live your life through a robot proxy?


You don’t have to get up from bed. You don’t even have to brush your teeth or take a bath, because through your proxy, or Surrogate, you always look perfect.

What if: something goes wrong?


I enjoyed watching this film.

Photos from

* * *

In other news, I’ve finished Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog starring Neil Patrick Harris (Neil Patrick Harris!), and written by Joss Whedon et al. I hate you Mr. Whedon, you are too awesome.

I’ve also started reading Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan.

I couldn’t write anything because I just found out yesterday that my MS Office (and my antivirus) has expired. Darn it.

2 thoughts on “surrogates”

  1. nakita ko nga yan Surrogates. hindi siya na-market, aner?

    expired MS Office? I go for opensource na, te. Open Office is the shiz, te. chorls. haha.

    seriously, Open Office gamit ko ever since…ever since nagulat ako sa astronomical prices ng MS Office license. haha. ;)

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