Well, not exactly the weekend because my schedule’s weird, but whatever.

Oct. 16 – IV- 1 whut.



Dinner at Cyma (Greenbelt 2) and coffee at Trinoma with high school friends. Still sabog, still fun. :D

More pictures here.

Oct. 17 – Nice night at Serendra, na nauwi sa alay-lakad and peoplewatching.

Bummer, I didn’t know Bruce Wayne’s already dead. And a time bullet? Wha~? /end nerd

* * *

Random: I had my ID picture taken at Waltermart for ze French class. My hair’s blue in the picture. TRUE STORY.

Some pipe or whatever exploded in the condo unit washroom. Got drenched. (Quick: think boom box, car, boys, SOAP SUDS.) Ondoy-like flood indoors whut.

* * *

Very quickly: my new poem, “Cliffhangers”, can be found in the latest issue of the Philippines Free Press. :)

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