in photos

Yeah I’m feelin’ lazeh.

October 23 (Friday)

Research night. Because we never get tired of each other, oh no.

research night_comp

I am so not drunk in this picture.

research night_sabog

More photos here.

October 24 (Saturday)

Christening day of uber-cute Johan. I’m still waiting for Joan (proud mom) to upload the photos. God, I must have looked horrid. But what the hell. Love you Joan, your baby’s absolutely adorable. :)

joan and johan

P.S. Seriously Ace that was a fun ride from Makati to Bulacan. We should do that again! Hahaha.

October 25 (Sunday)

Watched this with Jaykie.


Not a fan of romantic films at all, but believe me, this is a fun watch. “Inventive” I think was the word Roger Ebert used to describe this film.

Got this early birthday gift. Howee. (Also: we were able to find an issue of The New Yorker in BookSale that went for TEN PESOS. TEN PESOS my goodness.)


Thanks, Jake. ;)

* * *

And oh, Ms Lanot of the Graphic says they will use all of the poems from “Reportage”. It will appear in several issues. Watch out for them? Yes? :)

6 thoughts on “in photos”

  1. finally, someone who liked 500 days of summer. i’ve yet to see the film pero andami kong narinig na di daw ganun kaganda. STILL, im watching it. zooey deschanel!!!

    lol new yorker at only P10?! that reminds me, must be all pretentious and buy one again..

    1. wha~? maganda kaya! (and like i said, i don’t even like romantic films haha.) basta, funny and light, and well, quite realistic. :)

      TEN PESOS LANG TE KAKALOKAAA. LOL @ pretentious. hahaha. la ako masyado nakikitang New Yorker usually e so sobrang saya ko nung may nahalungkat kami sa BookSale :)

  2. Thanks for the brief review for 500 days…will be watching it later with bf…haha…was a little scared that it would be boring – as some of my other friends said.

    Just read your multiply comment. Wala pa ring laman ang blog ko. Haha. Pag meron na, link kita.

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