what my dad says

So I just discovered this cute Twitter account, right:

Eliza: i should probably do this experiment. write down everything my tatay says.
Eliza: panalo siguro.
Kate: alam mo pwede
Eliza: like one time may inabot na malaking walis sa tatay ko. as in mas malaki pa sa kanya. Tatay: Liit naman niyan, wala bang mas malaki?
Eliza: also he sometimes refers to himself as Fernando Poe. To wit: Gutom na si Fernando Poe, anak. I wanted to say, Tatay patay na siya. Never na siya magugutom.
Kate: FPJ = DAD
Eliza: truly.
Eliza: hahaha
Kate: pwede
Eliza: =))
Kate: alalahanin mo lahat at itwit mo
Kate: twitter.com/sabingtatayko
Kate: ganyan

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