warning: cheesy post ahead

Month number 1 on the 17th.

Thank you. :) The flowers looked amazing.

* * *

We went to UP on Friday. Ah, UP. You shall remain beautiful to me forever and ever.

I got him a book (a book, yes, because I am cool like that). I was planning to get more dangling earrings, but the jewelry selection in the Christmas tiangge this year underwhelmed me.

Passed through AS. Amazing how everyone looked so young. Amazing how everyone looked so young now, to me.

10 thoughts on “warning: cheesy post ahead”

  1. You’re welcome :) I’m glad you like them. And thank you for that book. I’ll be reading it as soon as I acquire more free time (i.e. resign).

    ‘s the problem with UP, now, actually, at least for people like me. All these kids running around and I just feel… well, old =/ Ah well, can’t be helped *shrugs*

      1. ah, di ko kasi alam ang words na gagamitin. tsaka un nga, di ko rin alam na ganyan na nga. hahaha.

        dami namang blessing. palanca, SPF5, tas me ganyan pa. ano sikreto mo, te? paambon ng grasya! XD

  2. Yiheeee. OMG Eliza and Jaykie. One month na! Yiheeee (sorry I can’t think of anything better to say, ang surreal lang talaga haha) :D

    And yes, the flowers DO look amazing :D

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