this is huge i think

Back in October I sent an entry to the Pinoy Story Writing Contest, backed by the National Book Development Board (NBDB) and the Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL).

I remember pestering a friend about which MRT station I should get off on to get to the NBDB building (“Eto ‘yung pink na building di ba? Sa may Q Ave?). In the end I decided I was too lazy to walk and just sent the entire thing via courier. A little more than a hundred pages, this tome called Lower Myths: Two Stories. I wished it luck and bid it adieu.

Near the end of November I heard that an awarding had been held in Greenbelt. Strangely enough, the NBDB website still didn’t carry the complete list of winners.

I looked at my manuscript (soft copy) again and wondered, So okay. You didn’t win. What the fuck am I going to do with you now?

* * *

Yesterday I received a text from Ms Dianne of NBDB, saying I should call the NBDB office.

Apparently I won.

Horror/Crime, Suspense category.


* * *

I’ve contacted Ms Anne of FHL. Let’s see what happens next. Publication? I don’t know.

Howee. ♥

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