desk job

Since I just came back from a vacation of sorts, I arrived at the condo faced with a mountain of chores. Egadz. First up was “clean the desk”, but later on I realized that I actually liked the way my desk looked. You know, dirty and cluttered? ;)

Yes, that’s my photo in that giraffe frame from Kate. (Thank you!) Ah, narcissism. (E wala nang ibang magkasya na peechur, soreh naman. :) ) Also, spot my UP ID, hee.

No, I did not paint my walls purple, the former occupant did. And oh yes, those are my collages up on the wall. How sweet of you to ask. (Chenelyn.)

I’ve six so far. I want to make MOARRR, but oh baby baby, I don’t have time.

(Yes, I’ve uploaded some of these pictures before here.)

* * *

So that’s the cluttered desk. But out of that clutter, for some insane reason, came a poem that is now included in Rocket Kapre’s Ruin and Resolve, a charity anthology now on sale (in e-book format) at Smashwords for US$2.50 (roughly 120 Php). If you have money to spare, do buy a copy. Profits will go to the Philippine National Red Cross. No, seriously. We’re writers, not corrupt officials. Hehe.

Read more here.

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