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Canon? What canon?

Watching this film is like watching Adrian Monk (character in a TV show also based on the Sherlock Holmes formula of brilliant detective – exasperated yet loyal assistant – unsolvable crime – “here’s what happened”) pick up a gun and shoot a criminal without experiencing a major OCD freakout.

In other words, if you’re a Sherlock purist, you’ll find Downey’s (and Guy Ritchie’s) take on this character infuriatingly unrecognizable. Slick, you say? Composed, you say? Fuck that shit, this Sherlock Holmes breaks bones, and explains what he does in slow-mo and Mastercard commercial-like VO. (“Priceless.”)

I’ve read perhaps two short stories, several excerpts, but I won’t say I know Sherlock and Dr. Watson all that well. So of course I enjoyed the show. To quote Roger Ebert: “The less I thought about Sherlock Holmes, the more I liked ‘Sherlock Holmes’… It’s likely to be enjoyed by today’s action fans. But block bookings are not likely from the Baker Street Irregulars.”

The film looks fantastic, and the score is A-plus. If you’re a “Baker Street Irregular”, calm down, leave what you know about the Sherlock Universe by the guard outside the cinema, and enjoy the dark and the grit of this Baker Street.

You’ll like this Sherlock. He’s a fun guy.

Also: gay subtext? What gay subtext? ;)

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