so. nostalgia.

I was able to spend time with the family this week. So that meant marathons of Project Runway and America’s Best Dance Crew episodes, old action flicks (Face/Off for example – masaya pala ‘yun ano?), and a sampling of my mother’s newest invention dish, ampalaya with oyster sauce.

I also found this cute gasul alkansya. (Alcohol bottle’s for height comparison.)

And my brother (a non-smoker) got this picture taken as a joke for my father (who should quit. Like, now. LOL.)

I also flipped through our photo albums and took a gajillion photos!

Miss Friendship (kindergarten parade) looking not too friendly:

Littol me in a teacup…

…that was apparently part of a ride that’s currently not functioning (see CLOSED sign right there) but kebs! Kelangan ang photo-op. :D

I’m wearing tights here. And an orange skirt. And I’m in pigtails. I don’t know why I look so dissatisfied.

Eeee my brother looks adorable! And I envy the Batibot cake. ♥

Brother is not pleased with this other baby:

Early family photos. Littlest brother forthcoming heh.

All four of us. My brothers are holding hands here. :)

With my sister.

Smiling like there’s no tomorrow:

* * *

On Saturday, Jaykie’s nephew’s 5th birthday. Happy birthday, George!

We gave this kiddie a book featuring a dragon, and an Archie comic. Because READING IS FUN Y’ALL.

(Segue: Thanks to Jaykie for buying me a copy of that Tatler issue with my picture. Yehey yehey.)

* * *

I was able to write six pages of fiction on Thursday-Friday. First story for 2010, here I come. ;)

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