the likeness

Detective Cassie Maddox takes the name Lexie Madison for a case. She gets stabbed, the case folds, and Cassie is taken out of undercover work. Later, a young woman who looks like Cassie is found dead in the tiny Irish village of Glenskehy. The woman’s name? Lexie Madison.

“Lexie” lives with four friends in a house called Whitethorn in the village. One of the detectives on the case thinks one of the friends is the murderer. Now Cassie’s assignment is this: enter the house and pretend to be the dead girl. Serve as bait.

I first encountered Tana French’s writing in In the Woods, which also features Cassie (her partner, Detective Rob Ryan, serves as narrator). French remains as sharp as ever. Writing so superb that you can feel the hush of Whitethorn House as the door closes. Beautiful.

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