those basterds!

Finally saw this film. Absolutely entertaining, love the dialogue, a Nazi film couldn’t be more enjoyable, blah-blah-blah, I’ll bore you with my praises. Didn’t realize how much I missed Tarantino’s crazies until I saw this.

Didn’t care much for Brad Pitt (I enjoyed Casey Affleck’s performance more in The Assassination of Jesse James – and Pitt here is basically playing James again it seems, accent and dirty clothes and all), but good grief Christoph Waltz!

His performance is divine. I want to see more of this actor. Just so I can stop saying, “He’s my favorite Nazi”.

6 thoughts on “those basterds!”

  1. Tumatak sa utak ko yun ‘Au revoir, Shosanna!!!’ Waltz and his mega smoking pipe is brilliant <3

    I also liked the French farmer, you could see the voices in his head going 'fuckfuckfuck he's onto us.' Really sad eyes, too!

  2. Hi Eliza! :)
    I can certainly list this movie as one of my all-time faves, having a penchant for war-inspired movies. I was either giggling or shaking the whole time I was watching it. Christoph Waltz is sheer brilliance (there, I said it. Haha! *crush ko na ata*) … definite Oscar na ‘to… hopefully he’ll have a great Hollywood career ahead. :)

    1. I saw this Letterman interview with Waltz, and he was like, “I belong to a theater family, and I grew up in Vienna. Yes, ‘theater family’ and ‘Vienna’ is too much, even for me.” I loff him. :]

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