the talented mr. ripley

He was so bored after the dreary, eventless weeks in Venice, when each day that went by had seemed to confirm his personal safety and to emphasise the dullness of his existence.

A fascinating character, this Tom Ripley. Stunning prose by Highsmith. (I’ve seen the film years ago – also a fine piece of work.) Enough twists to deliver jitters, and  a feeling of guilt at times as you can’t help but celebrate Tom’s morbid successes. That sonofabitch.

Now I want to tour Europe.

4 thoughts on “the talented mr. ripley”

  1. Tom Ripley – maybe your caretakers know this guy? :D Hope the stress level dropped down already.

    Venice is… different. Fun to see that everything, such as taxis and DHL services, are run by boat. To quote a T-shirt we saw there – visit Venice before it sinks! So you should really, before it sinks, and go with the boyfriend para mas romantic!

    1. Haha, yep I’ve quite settled in the new unit, thanks very much. :D Ah, Venice. I do want to see it! Kelangan pang mag-ipon kami ni boyfriend nang bongga. Haha.

      1. we were evicted two days after my 13th birthday – the grownups were scared, but I guess when one is young, everything is child’s play (which is good sometimes).

        just keep doing what you’re doing – i know you’ll go places :)

  2. Good thing you were still young then, na-spare ka sa sakit ng ulo haha.

    Thanks so much. :) (That meant a lot, because right now I’m struggling with my writing HARGH.)

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