the league

Finally! I’ve read the first two volumes, and I don’t know who’d be kind enough to lend me Black Dossier and Century (the third volume), but isn’t this so much fun? Adventures and witty writing and I envy Alan Moore you know. What an exciting story to write. Cross-over fan fiction. I see Mina Harker (Murray here) from Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde (well mostly Hyde) from you-know-where, Captain Nemo and the Nautilus from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and ooh the tripods from War of the Worlds – bet I know what H-142 is, wink wink. I’m not too familiar with the other characters (sorry Quatermain), so it’s possible I just missed some hilarious in-joke. Still, great read.

So maybe I should watch the movie just to annoy myself, meeheehee.

4 thoughts on “the league”

  1. allan quatermain maybe? hehehehe. he’s the only quatermain i know. indiana jones-type. i do remember that was the first time i saw sharon stone in a movie. wearing an oversized shirt. and nothing else. or did i imagine it was nothing else? hehehe. twas too long ago.

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